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If you eat smaller meals, more frequently, you are feeding your metabolism, but those big meals that restaurants serve (and we, in turn, create, at home), those meals will completely stifle your metabolism and leave you feeing tired and lethargic.Eating is a lifestyle choice and what you eat is going to affect your body.If you are on the fence try buying it this way to see if you like it.In other news, I bought my first month of Nutrisystem (womens core) with my own money.It has come a long way from the 80s when you used to have to go to a weekly meeting and talk with a counselor and listen to speeches and pick your food out from racks in a warehouse like setting.NUTRISYSTEM SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Which web browser are you using now.But my experience is the food is pretty good considering it mostly comes in packets and every time I called customer service, they were really helpful.I was so happy I threw a party for my friends to burn my old clothes in the yard and it was so amazing.

There is a pretty obvious reason Nutrisystem are strict about early cancellation.I definitely recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who has struggled with weight and has a hard time with portion control.One last thing: If you do wish to cancel it MUST be done by phone (the number is clearly printed on the official website).

Amazed cause I cheated a little in the first week cause I found the meals small and unsatisfying.I have just ordered again as my habits have caused me to creep back up to 40 lbs over.

I also appreciated that Bob talked about how eating a treat every once.My teenage son is starting to get very fat and I was wondering what I could do to reverse the trend.This offer gives you a big discount that is widely advertised this time around.When I was 15 my mother bought the Nutri System food and at that time I lost 50 lbs.The frozen meals came separately from Schwanns and about a half hour after, so that was pretty good timing.IF anything, it at least is teaching me to eat more salads and smaller portions.

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I have only been able to lose weight in the past if I did juicing fasts.But we both kept going and by the end of the month, my sis had lost her 10 pounds and I was 16 pounds in the right direction.

But in that first week I still lost 2 pounds and that made me feel good.This reviewer says that someone who is not used to healthy food but processed food suffers bloating and gas.

Now I plan to keep going for 2 more months until our anniversary Cancun vacation.The prepared foods makes it so much earier and as much as I have read horrible stories on the taste, I have to disagree.Jan, if your a good cook, why on earth did you choose to diet with Nutrisystem.As you read through this review and get more and more excited, your heart beats faster and you can see yourself succeeding with this amazing, easy and convenient dieting system.But I finished a two month diet with Nutrisystem 3 months ago and so far I have not gained an ounce of the 18 pounds I lost in that time.This is the first time in my life I have been able to lose weight, while eating and being usually satisfied.The more you stress over it the harder to will seem to get back on track.Kick-start your resolution with the Nutrisystem Success Four-Week Plan with Weekends Off.

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I am a professional ski instructor and always gain weight in the off season even with the exercise I do.Maybe my stomach is better tuned into spicy food as I actually like to eat Mexican dishes — part of the reason I got overweight in the first place.The program at a low price includes an AUTO add on shipments.I have been on Nutrisystem for 6 days and I am down 8 pounds.There are also specialist plans like Uniquely Yours that provides high quality fresh frozen meals.

I was a little mad but I ordered month 3 determined to pick it up.Waste of money, packaging is bad for the environment, another quick fix for lazy individuals.

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Have you tried any other forms of light exercise, like dancing or swimming perhaps.Some nights (after a day of strict Nutrisystem foods) are very tough with gas, cramping stomach and the funny part is that I ate a lot of fruit and veggies prior to this and the only real things I have given up are choclate and wine.

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